Enable Successful Digital Transformation  With A Dedicated Cloud Service.

Nowadays, a company’s innovation, growth, and ultimately, its value, relies on the strength of its cloud services. To begin utilizing the power of the cloud, one must first choose the right solutions to fulfill their needs, from deploying services at breakneck speed to migrating important operations.
This first step can be best addressed by a dedicated cloud service provider such as ASP, which can get enterprises in touch with these domain experts, and analyze which aspects of their organization can be optimized further by cloud.

Incorporate The Right Cloud Solutions With ASP.

ASP empowers companies to achieve their business goals, first taking into account if they have in-house infrastructure or need to rely on third-party servers. Then, their needs are assessed further, whether it’s the need to have a more flexible work process, moving entire operations to the cloud, or protecting business-critical resources from potential failure. Indeed, ASP goes beyond the one-size-fits-all approach, and instead tapping into multiple cloud providers to come up with tailor-made solutions.  Know more about its wide range of cloud services below.

Discover ASP’s Suite of Cloud Services.

Private Cloud

Maximize security and maintain total control of the workload with a private cloud server.

Public Cloud

With public cloud, meet intensive workload demands without the need for on-premise infrastructure, while also enabling greater scalability in terms of operations.

Hybrid Cloud

Optimize IT performance and expand workload on the cloud with an agile mix of private and public capabilities.

Disaster Recovery(DR)

When crisis strikes, maintain business continuity and bounce back better than ever with an enhanced cloud Disaster Recovery service.

Microsoft Azure / Amazon Web Services

Whether you’re looking for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), ASP can streamline your operations with our partners, who are among the most trusted in the cloud computing industry.

Champion Greater Business Value by Implementing The Right Cloud Solutions.

Seeking to make a major operational difference through the cloud? Get in touch with ASP together with its world-renowned cloud service partners today.