ASP Frequently Asked Questions


Here at ASP, our mission is to not only provide - but exceed customers’ expectations through our technology consultation services. Our employees work for you, our client, serving as a team member who recommends the most fitting products and services rather than simply pushing our vendors to you.

As an ICT consulting service, ASP is not tied to promoting a single brand to our customers. Instead, we provide them a selection of vendors that can best solve the challenges inside your organization.

This is done first through a discovery meeting that will assess our clients’ needs, from then on, we can provide a strategic roadmap that helps best achieve their goals by utilizing one or several technology providers, depending on their objectives.

ASP provides a wide range of ICT services, connected with some of the most trusted brands in the industry. These include Web Development, Voice, Data, Data Science, Cloud, and even integration through Salesforce.

Some of ASP’s product partners include, but are not limited to: Salesforce, SAP, IBM, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cisco, and RingCentral. As a vendor-agnostic consultant, it can connect customers with these companies (alongside other chosen vendors, depending on their preference).

ASP is made up of experienced professionals who possess a technological edge, having worked with the world’s best ICT companies, yet also have in them an adherence to the best practices of customer service, only putting clients’ best interests in mind before anything else.

Based in Dallas, Texas, ASP covers the ICT needs of clients across the United States, and (insert other countries/territories if applicable, or if it only covers 50 states/the continental US).


ASP works with companies of every scale - providing ICT services to startups, alongside medium enterprises and large corporations across all industries.

Vendors can get in touch with ASP via email at [email protected]


Managed IT services are a set of responses to an organization’s specific technological needs. These may be addressed by in-house information technology personnel, or through outsourced consultants who have partnerships with specific vendors.

Getting in touch with a managed IT services provider such as ASP enables businesses to create specific strategies that can best solve the challenges within the organization. Best of all, they give enterprises the freedom to focus on their main operations, while the managed IT services provider connects them with specialized vendors who then work on optimizing their infrastructure.

If you have a more specific inquiry you would like addressed, you may get in touch via email at [email protected].